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A winery direct distribution company, Vintners Choice is a start up company who's mission is to create a direct legally conforming   channel of distribution from American wineries (i.e. the Supplier) to their primary customers; fine restaurants, hotels, catering companies and retail stores. It will serve to eliminate many of the inefficiences of the traditional wholesale tier of the US three-tiered distribution system which has not changed since the enactment of the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution at the end of PROHIBITION.
Customized marketing and sales services are available to high quality niche marketed beverage products on a contractual basis


Founder, Larry M. Williams, brings thirty-three years in the food and beverage industries to this enterprise. For the past twenty-one years, Larry has held key management positions at two of California's top ultra-premium wineries, consulted start-up family-owned wineries, co-founded and served on the Board of Directors of the Family Winemakers of California organization, assisted with the launch of The Republic of Tea bottled tea program, served as Director of Winery Relations for an Internet based on-line e-commerce co-operative site (, directed sales efforts for MARSCH-PACIFIC Cork & Foil and is a founding partner in THEMED MALL HOLDINGS.
If you are a forward thinking decision maker at a family owned American winery, seeking to grow your business and are not content with the limited distribution options currently available to your brand or are in need of assistance with a viable marketing and sales plan to take your annual sales to the next level, why not consider the professional services available from
Great American Wine and Food Company
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